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About EXUS

ExuS Technology, located in Osterholz-Scharmbeck near Bremen, Germany sells server systems and storage solutions to German OEM customers and their worldwide distribution network. The solutions consist of the best components of the leading manufacturers, combined with a tailor-made customer service. In the year 2008 our solution hardware was honoured with the Emmy Engineering Plaque Award. Its extensive and versatile product portfolio, as also its own software development capability enables ExuS Technology to fulfill a very wide spectrum of solutions for the most different fields of applications of its customers. Since April 2011 ExuS Technology offers server and storage products under the own product lines QStor and QServ . The models launched are QStor QMX, the video storage systems are optimized for Mobotix cams, sold worldwide.

Focus on QStor QMX Family

Install in 5 Easy Steps
The state-of-the-art product design includes the installation, which was specifically designed to be easy and efficient. Each QStor QMX product can be configured and deployed into existing networks within minutes and without requiring dedicated network expertise. There are just five easy steps: Unbox, setup, IP address configuration, run our installation wizard and you’re all set!
Configuration through our Wizard
Our intuitive installation wizard minimizes the time required to configure QStor QMX products. Available network cameras will automatically be made available, which saves you the hassle of a manual camera configuration especially on widespread areas with multiple surveillance cameras. Our webbased graphical user interface allows comfortable adjustment of settings for each camera individually.

Network Features: Individual IP Addresses, NFS, SMB, Bonjour
It goes without saying that QStor QMX supports all popular network protocols. Bonjour is used for network scanning. Write processes are handled through NFS and read operations are executed via SMB. Each of your video cameras receives an individual IP address and dedicated NFS access trough the installation wizard.

Professional Server RAID Hardware
The optimized operating system and the ease of installation are accompanied by the best hardware available for your video surveillance applications. All devices by ExuS Technology are based on at least 2 GB of RAM and server processors to maximize performance. QStor QMX stores your video footage on very robust and flexible RAID subsystems as well as high reliability hard drives, which were specifically designed for 24/7 operation.

Standard or Pro Edition
QStor QMX is available as a Standard Edition and a Pro model, covering anything between 2 and 12 hard drives, each providing 500 GB, 1 TB, 2 TB or 3TB of storage capacity. The Standard Edition is designed for small and medium scenarios to save physical space. These are based on MD RAID configurations. Standard Edition products support a limited number of surveillance cameras, which has a technical reason: This way, ExuS Technology ensures that none of the Standard Edition devices can ever run into bandwidth bottlenecks.
The Pro Edition is designed for rack mount environments and requires up to 2U. There is no limitation with regards to the maximum number of surveillance cameras on Pro Edition products. In addition, the hardware configuration is considerably powerful and flexible. This includes redundant power supplies, hardware-accelerated RAID and support for nested RAID modes. Finally, you can cascade or bond Pro Edition devices through the network interface.

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