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Who is Iluminar?

Iluminar (which stands for “illuminate” in Spanish) is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of IR and white light illuminators. The owners have over 30 years combined industry experience. Iluminar's company mission is to supply high quality and reliable lighting and license plate recognition products to the CCTV industry.

More and more customers are choosing Iluminar’s impressive product offerings. Iluminar boasts the largest selection of low voltage lighting products in the industry. The need – and market - for video surveillance lighting is growing exponentially. The need for proper lighting and illumination is key because:

Most crime occurs during darkness
All cameras need light to see
Regular street lighting is not good enough
Provide evidence for judicial purposes
IP cameras need more light
Megapixel cameras need more light (particularly when using analytics)

Our Iluminar Product Range Includes:

  • IR Illuminators (Long, Super-Long, Medium, and Short Range Illuminators):
  • White Light Illuminators (Long, Super Long, Medium, and Short Range White Light, and Street Light Series LED).

What is IR Illumination?

Active or near infra-red (NIR) illumination is energy which is invisible to the human eye but can be seen by a high quality black/white or true day/night camera (IR cut filter removed). The energy from IR illuminators resides just outside the visible red section of the electromagnetic spectrum, above 700nm and below 1000nm.

IR illumination is an ideal source of illumination for security cameras for the following reasons:

  • It is invisible to the human eye but visible to black white and true day/night cameras, which makes it ideal as a covert/none obtrusive form of illumination.
  • Because it is invisible to the human eye it does not create the problem of light pollution.
  • It has a longer range than visible light due to the higher wavelength (up to approx. 1050’ or 350m)  

All Iluminar’s Infrared illuminators are designed to provide superior IR lighting for CCTV systems. They are available with a range of angles to cover different ranges and scenes. Supplied with an IP67 rating, they are vandal proof and can be used outdoors. The hardened housing provides protection from the harshest weather conditions and rapid temperature variations (max. -58°F to 140°F).

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