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About Korenix

Korenix, the market leading brand in industrial networking and computing solutions has an extensive track record in providing innovative, market - oriented, value focused solutions to the industrial market. In the Industrial Communication market, Service is the core to your success in business. When you choose Korenix as your business partner, you are choosing the best services possible with over 500 Korenix well-trained customer service engineers around the world to provide you solid pre-sales and after-sales technical services by phone, email, or site support.

Custom OEM/ODM Solutions

At Korenix we are dedicated to engineering, manufacturing and integrating products that fit your unique needs. Korenix offers you the possibility of a partial or fully customized design from industrial networking switch to embedded computing platform, including all the software protocols you need. As a member of your team, we are a committed business partner to help you develop a completely integrated solution no matter how difficult the challenge is.

Logistics and Returns / Warranties

Korenix manufactures products with strict quality control methods. All products need to be 100% tested by function and 8 hours burned-in before they are shipped to you. Korenix products are constantly in stock and can be delivered within one week. Five year’s global warranty and life time services guarantees for the products you purchased in Korenix. By the conditions of the returned units, Korenix will either repair or replace a working unit to you within 2 weeks.

Innovation Map and Majors Awards

A brief look at Korenix's track record reveals widespread recognition and awards, including the 2007 and 2008 COMPUTEX Best Choice Award, 2008 Outstanding IT Products Award, PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2007 from Control Engineering, and Golden Penguin Award 2008. Korenix has also won the reputation of Industrial PoE leader through its innovative JetPoE series. Our reputation as the market leader is further supported by our complete range of PoE solutions, from JetPoE, JetBox to JetRock. Korenix's product development is ongoing. With Korenix and their partners, you are not purchasing a product but an innovative, value added solution.

Global Customer Service Network

The strength of Korenix is not what Korenix do, but is the alliance and partnership of Korenix build. At Korenix, we hear your voices and we speak your languages. Korenix sales offices and over 100 Korenix global value-added partners are more than happy to answer your request anytime, anywhere.

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