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MOBOTIX – The HiRes Video Company

The German company MOBOTIX AG is known as the leading pioneer in network camera technology and its decentralized concept has made high-resolution video systems cost efficient.

Company History

Founded in 1999, Mobotix initially introduced cameras designed primarily for outdoor and industrial applications. Since their earliest days - and long before VOIP standards were established - its cameras have incorporated lip-synchronous audio and intercom features. In 2001 Mobotix turned to a decentralised system architecture approach with an eye on the future of high resolution video surveillance systems. The secret behind its success has been its ability to position itself uniquely as a network-based solution provider, focused on the specific hardware and software needs of the different individual sectors of the security industry and other diverse markets. This targeted thinking has given Mobotix the competitive edge necessary to maintain its leadership of the megapixel camera market.

Leading Innovator In Network Camera Technology

In very little time, MOBOTIX has conquered second place in Europe and fourth place worldwide in terms of market share. MOBOTIX has been producing only megapixel cameras for years and, in this area, ranks as the global market leader in high-resolution video systems with a market share of over 60%

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MOBOTIX – Who we are and what we do

MOBOTIX AG is a supplier of digital high-resolution and network-based digital video security systems. Headquartered in Langmeil, Germany, the company was founded as an Aktiengesellschaft (stock corporation) in 1999. To market the solutions worldwide, MOBOTIX uses distributors and qualified sales partners in more than 70 countries. MOBOTIX AG currently employs 218 people. Sales revenue amounted to approximately EUR 45m in the fiscal year ending June 30, 2009, which equals to a growth of approximately 27 percent compared to the previous fiscal year. The company also boosted its EBIT margin to approx. 23 percent for the same period. Exports account for more than 68 percent of sales.

MOBOTIX camera systems use digital data transfer over computer networks and are not restricted by the low 0.4 megapixel image resolutions of the old analog video standard. The decentralized system architecture developed by MOBOTIX provides for image processing to take place in the actual cameras rather than in the central PC. This means that each camera independently detects movements in the image, stores them in a database and reports the event via e-mail or a VoIP telephone call. This decentralized structure reduces the load on the network, and the central video management system permits higher image rates and reduces the storage capacity required to record high-resolution video.

Their affordable decentralized architecture makes MOBOTIX video security systems ideal for a wide range of different applications from smaller installations of just a few cameras linked via the internet to large-scale surveillance applications involving hundreds of cameras using central control centers. MOBOTIX systems are already in use at airports, train stations, universities and logistics centers as well as in industrial applications for remote monitoring and automation. There are currently some 100,000 MOBOTIX cameras at work around the world.